Business Support - Cornish Accounting

What we stand for

We have all seen those businesses saying “We value our core values” or “We have core values”, “Our mission statement is..” and we think oh yeh…

But we actually do have core values which we live and breathe in our business and this is something which as a business we are truly passionate about.

So when we designed our values it was not something we put together in a 10min conversation.

It is something that we have spent a lot of time and effort in designing as we do not think having core values is just something which you jot down on a piece of paper and never read again or add to a self to look at once in a millennium or when you feel some buzz words are needed.

To drive into what we believe in we have outlined our four key core values which make our business what it is.

When you read over them you may think, “I have heard it all before” and I bet you have as I know we have seen things similar, but this is the difference we actually live our core values and work with our clients and our team to make sure they are intergraded into everything we do, from speaking to a new client or an exciting client or designing material which provides free advice.

1st: Responsibility & Accountability:

We own what we do and we self-check everything we do as so many businesses and people are not accountable or responsible for their own actions.

2nd: Honesty & Trust:

We are very proud of this as we will always be true to ourselves and the team.

We will always let our actions speak louder than our words which will help empower our staff and our clients.

3rd: Communication & Courage:

We are always challenging the status quo; we will be open and clear and always forward thinking in what we do.

4th: Relationships:

This is key to our business. We pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with our team and our clients.

We want to treat every person we come into contact with the way we would like to be treated ourselves.