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Report on your Business Accounting Systems

We can help you get the most out of your accounting systems by preparing a report setting out any weaknesses that we have found with your accounting systems, the consequences of these weaknesses and our suggestions on how to improve them. The purpose of this report is to highlight to you as the business owner areas of potential improvement that would increase the standard of your accounting systems and in turn lower your accountancy fees!

One Page Plan

We measure all the key things that really matter by producing a monthly One Page Plan for you. It will highlight the gaps between your actual performance and your targets and help you create an action plan for closing these gaps. And it will do all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper.

Business Valuation

One of our key objectives is to help our clients increase the value of their business. Each year we can carry out a valuation of your business using software developed by the Added Value Network.

Financial Performance Review

We can carry out a detailed review of the performance of your business over the last 12 months. This detailed report will include graphs and charts to illustrate how you have performed and ratio analysis to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Benchmarking Review

Like most other business owners, you would probably like to know exactly how you are performing. More importantly, you’d like to know exactly how much you are missing out on, and work out how to get what could and should be yours.

Now you can with your Confidential Performance Report. We have joined forces with some of the country’s other leading firms of accountants to co-fund the development of the UK’s largest financial benchmarking database.

As a result, you can focus your energies on catching up in those areas where you are weak and building on those areas where you are strong. So, with your Confidential Performance Report you’ll have better measures and start on the road to better results.


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