Matt Westcott

Senior Client Manager

Matt joined the Cornish Accounting team in September 2014. While predominantly working with our clients on the preparation of their annual financial statements and tax affairs, Matt also looks after our client’s bookkeeping, managing the preparation of their VAT returns and providing quality support with anything Xero. As an advocate for the cloud and all things technology, Matt loves nothing more than working with Xero’s innovative cloud-based accounting software together with their supporting partners, discovering the endless possibilities for growth and development. His advice to our clients: ‘Consider using technology as the driving force for your finances, allowing you to commit valuable time and resources to customer focus and other important aspects of your business.’ When he’s not hard at work, Matt can be found at the clutches of his guitar, revelling in sophisticated spreadsheets or out socialising with friends.

Paul Miller - Managing Director

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Senior Client Manager

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Client Manager

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