Recommended Reading List

Are you serious about wanting to grow your business? Do you know where to start when it comes to the plethora of business books on the market?

Here Paul Miller, Managing Director of Cornish Accounting Solutions shares his recommended reading list to help you make a difference to your performance:

Will it make the boat go faster – Ben hart Davis

Ben Hunt-Davis won Olympic Gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as part of the uk Men’s Rowing Eight. Together with Executive Coach Harriet Beveridge he shows how to use similar strategies to improve your own life. The book is split into 2 halves. Firstly, Ben provides a narrative, recounting an episode from the eight’s journey to Gold, and shows the team using the methods in action. Then comes the analysis, explaining why and how the crew did what they did. The book is a cracking inspirational read. Will it make the boat go faster is a phrase you will use to focus on your goals and measure every action against.

The E-Myth – Michael Gerber

An indispensable guide for new and existing business owners, this book covers strategies to help turn an unsuccessful business around using real life examples

The Pumpkin Plan – Michael Michalowicz

A practical but entertaining guide to growing an exceptional business based on the simple methods used by prize winning pumpkin farmers! It shows how making small changes can create real differences to awareness and enhance positive branding.

Kick-Start Your Business – Robert Craven

The essential guide to spotting and understanding what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how to realise its true potential. Includes essential tools and worksheets to get you started.

The Jelly Effect – Andy Bounds

Cut back on the jelly and be more relevant! Change your approach to communications using simple, cost-effective approaches to increase your profile and win more business. Proven techniques for both internal and external communications, formal or informal conversations, whatever the situation.

80:20 Principle – Richard Koch

80% of business and personal results arise from only 20% of our efforts. Make more of your time, resource and effort count. This book reveals how the 80:20 principle works and how to unleash its power to great effect and improve your career, business and everyday life.

Scaling up – Verne Harnish

A must-read for business leaders to help get their whole organisation on board to work together to achieve goals and enjoy the process. Full of practical tips and methodologies to build a leading-edge company, suitable for all employees, whatever their role.

Getting everything you can out of everything you’ve got – Jay Abraham

A compendium of current, successful ideas that can make your business’s growth rocket. Unlock your company’s hidden talent, capabilities and assets using tried and proven strategies that will revolutionise both your career and personal life.

Eat Your Competition For Lunch – Ali Carter

The must-read book for anyone running a business cooking or serving food, this book shares the 27 golden rules to make more money from your food business. Written by Ali Carter, the book can help you squeeze more profit per dish, increase sales and enlarge your gross and net profit without impacting on the all-important customer offer.

The Levels: Can your business step up to the growth challenge? – Ray Moore

This book help you to focus on the challenges faced by many business owners between the small to medium size transition. As a tried and tested model, the author brings together his extensive knowledge and experience, concentrating on some of the challenges he’s faced over his career in business ownership.

What’s Your Purple Goldfish? – Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps focuses on differentiation in a business sense. By marketing to your existing customers via G.L.U.E (giving little unexpected extras), you can definitely add value. This results is increased sales, happier customers and positive word of mouth. To understand what GLUE is, be sure to buy the book now.

Rocket Fuel – Gino Wickman

Discover the vital relationship that will take your company to the next stage. Visionaries have ground-breaking ideas. Integrators make those ideas a reality. Combining the power of both is the key to getting the most out of your business. Having worked for the likes of Disney, Ford and McDonald’s, it can work for your business too. From the author of the bestselling Traction, Rocket Fuel describes in-depth the intricate roles of both Visionary and Integrator, explaining how both can help your business to thrive.

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

A classic ground-breaking book by TED X speaker Simon Sinek. People don’t care what you do but why you do it. What is your passion and why do you get up in the morning? This book will help you discover your Why. Your team need to understand this and share your values to be a truly remarkable business.

Hyper Sales Growth – Jack Daly

This one isn’t really a true sales book but focuses on company culture. It cites examples from Zappos, South West Airlines and Virgin that show having a culture that employees buy into generates more sales and more profit . A common sense approach and a must-read for everybody serious about their business.