Our Approach

Rather than just take you to a list of services we can offer, we would like you to know about the way we approach our clients and they way we work.

It is important to understand that we are obsessed with adding value to our clients. As a firm of Chartered Accountants we do – as you would expect – do accounts preparation, tax and assurance work. However we will not do just these things, and for many of our clients these functions are done by other firms. We always want to see how we can add value, and just keeping the taxman or Companies House happy is important but not our focus.

So, how do we add value? Well, we have built up a set of skills and tools and processes which we have identified as being needed by our chosen client group: owner-managed businesses. Look at the links in the navigation area to the left to see more about:

  • No surprises
  • Fixed prices
  • Hospitality
  • Teaching and learning
  • Value adding processes and tools


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