Driving your Business

What do you need to drive your business forward?

There are a lot of mechanics that enable a car to move forward. An easy way to monitor if the different mechanical components are working is to look at the dials on the dashboard.

The same principle applies to your business. It’s important to highlight what the dials are and monitor them on a dashboard to make sure you are moving forward in the right direction. We can help you map the route for your business and what kay items you need to monitor in our quarterly dashboard.

You will easily be able to view if your business performing against targets in our visual performance focused dashboard like the examples below.

  • Having three salons to run is a constant challenge but this is made easier by the support I receive from Paul and his team. A professional and nurturing accountant that I believe every successful business needs.

    - Leah Brathwaite, Aruba Blu

  • We were recommended to Paul by Barclay’s Bank. It was the best decision we made to move across to Paul and his team. He is so pro-active and hands on helping us, we wouldn’t be in the great position we are in now if it wasn’t for all his help and support.

    - Becky Harrison, Boscastle Spar

  • Our position has been completely vindicated thanks entirely to your knowledge, and your unshakable desire to stick to your principles, all of which is a measure of your integrity, something for which I am immensely grateful.

    - Henry from Bodmin

  • I can’t imagine that anyone would not come away from your Wally Seminar evening inspired, motivated and energised to make a difference to their business.

    - Luke from Barlborough

  • It was a no-brainer to ask Cornish Accounting to get involved when we started building our business. It is one of the soundest business decisions we have ever made.

    - Joe from Exeter