Strategic Business Coaching

Business Coaching

We take you away from the day to day running of your business for a one to one fact finding session.

Aims of the session

To get small business owners to take a different look at their businesses to help them improve profits.

The main themes are -

  • Increasing revenue without spending thousands on high risk marketing
  • Discover it is often the little things that make significant differences to a business
  • Learn the significance of “what you can measure you can manage”
  • Avoiding the small business disease – failure to implement

Specific issues

Where is your business going – setting a destination. The 4 ways to grow any business.
Controlling your business – getting systems in place.
Effective marketing and doing it consistently

Exit: retirement
- strategic planning
- capital sale
- pension, property & investment planning

- support life style
- retirement provision

- life assurance
- wills
- critical illness

“If you never do what you’ve never done, you’ll never get what you’ve never got” Paul Shrimpling

  • Having three salons to run is a constant challenge but this is made easier by the support I receive from Paul and his team. A professional and nurturing accountant that I believe every successful business needs.

    - Leah Brathwaite, Aruba Blu

  • We were recommended to Paul by Barclay’s Bank. It was the best decision we made to move across to Paul and his team. He is so pro-active and hands on helping us, we wouldn’t be in the great position we are in now if it wasn’t for all his help and support.

    - Becky Harrison, Boscastle Spar

  • Our position has been completely vindicated thanks entirely to your knowledge, and your unshakable desire to stick to your principles, all of which is a measure of your integrity, something for which I am immensely grateful.

    - Henry from Bodmin

  • I can’t imagine that anyone would not come away from your Wally Seminar evening inspired, motivated and energised to make a difference to their business.

    - Luke from Barlborough

  • It was a no-brainer to ask Cornish Accounting to get involved when we started building our business. It is one of the soundest business decisions we have ever made.

    - Joe from Exeter