Xero Tip Of The Month March 2018 - Cash Coding In Xero

Is keeping your bank up to date taking up your time, pulling you away from other aspects of the business?

Speed up reconciling your bank account by coding bank rule dependant and repetitive transactions with Cash Coding in Xero.


When is it time to upgrade your systems?

Most small business owners can’t afford to think small. They always need to keep their mind on growth strategies to help them achieve long-term profitability. Read on to learn if it’s time to upgrade your current systems to support your small business as it grows – and what to look for.


Do you have a succession plan?

A staggering two thirds of US millionaire-owned businesses are operating without a succession plan. Read on to help prepare for a stress-free transition when it’s time to sell or transfer ownership of your business.


HMRC investigates more donations than ever before

HMRC collected £832m in extra tax through investigations into Inheritance Tax, charitable donations and trusts last year. This helps illustrate how HMRC is increasingly approaching non-compliance from all possible angles and, as a result, almost all taxpayers are at risk of inquiries from the taxman.


How to turn your hobby into a business

Thinking about turning your passion into a paying gig? These steps will help you avoid some common mistakes as you set out to earn an income from your favorite pastime.