How to reduce business related stress

Many entrepreneurs believe that hard work and dogged determination are all it takes to build and sustain a successful business. But when you consider the pressures of running a company, it seems wise to add effective stress-management to the list. Left unchecked, stress can erode your passion and undermine performance – not to mention, take a serious toll on your health.


4 ways to make your business easier to sell

No matter what the reason for selling your business, experts agree: it’s best to be prepared well in advance as it can take years to complete a successful sale. These four tips will help you get a head start on making your business attractive to buyers for the day you’re ready to sell.


11 Tips for Overseas Business Travel

Planning to travel on business this year? If you’re ready to expand internationally – perhaps you plan to open a store overseas, start working with international clients or make a leap into exporting – these tips will help you prepare for hassle-free business travel.


How to publicise your business on a budget

Very few small businesses have a huge marketing budget to work with. Fortunately, there are a number of simple, free and low cost ways to get the word out about your company that are also highly effective.


Event: Cornish Hospitality Network Conference 2018

The Cornish Hospitality Network have announced 2018’s conference and workshop day. Read more to find out about the line-up and how to book your free tickets!