Xero Tip Of The Month October 2016 - Smart Lists In Xero

Understand your customers with Smart Lists.

With Smart Lists in Xero it’s easy to assemble customized lists of your existing customers based on their buying behaviour, invoice amounts and location. You can then use this information to create targeted marketing campaigns so you don’t miss out on recurring sales.

Choose from handy preset searches, such as customers with overdue payments, to help you stay on top of cashflow. You can even focus on a particular city or state for a regionalised marketing campaign. Any searches you create or modify can be saved for future use.

The lists can be added to a new or existing contact group in Xero to keep your contacts organized, and enable you to invoice that entire contact group in one swoop.

Xero makes it easy to unlock the power of your customer data to add business value, improve cashflow and increase revenue.

Create targeted lists

    Use Smart Lists to create lists of customers based on contact and financial information stored in Xero. Use contact information, transaction history or even payment status.

Turn data into action quickly

    Extract your list as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and import that into an email solution, or send it directly to Constant Contact to manage an email marketing campaign. Constant Contact is an online marketing application that integrates with Xero.

Save your searches

    When you save your searches, you can reuse them again whenever you want. Create dynamic searches, or save a static list and add to it later on.

Smart Lists In Xero

To find out more about smart lists and to see more demo videos click here.

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