Xero Tip Of The Month May 2016 - Email Integration

Contacts + Gmail makes it easier to keep track of your customers!

As we rapidly approach the holiday season, we’re excited to push out our last major feature of 2015. This is on top of the 500 product updates we have released over the past 12 months. Not only have we released an update to Contacts in Xero, we’re also integrating Google’s Gmail service into the contacts screens. These two new features are key to Contacts becoming a hub for customer communications and demonstrates how cloud accounting provides so much more opportunity for innovation than the desktop world.

Gmail integration provides complete customer view

We’re proud to be working with Google to make it easier for businesses to keep on top of their customer relationships. This integration takes email out of the inbox and into the workflow. Emails from Gmail now appear seamlessly within Xero, making it easy to keep on top of what’s happening and to add records to Xero. Live emails let you see what’s going on – right now – with that contact. Your emails are secure and you can choose to share only the emails you want others to see. We know that most communications with customers happens over email. Without doing anything that picture of your relationship is ‘just there’ now in Xero.

We love this feature as it shows how accounting software is quickly evolving towards a true business platform.

Redesigned Contacts Page drives more business activity

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep track of all of the emails and information about a customer. Our updated Contacts page now links a customer’s contact record with their recent activity and email correspondence, giving a single screen view of all contact activity.

More dynamic than a standard online address book, Contacts in Xero also provides easy access to Smart Lists. This gives you the ability to group together targeted lists of customers that you would like to email, invoice or identify in region from within the Contacts page. This helps improve workflow and productivity.

At our Xerocon events this year we received such great feedback we wanted to release it to customers as soon as we could. As with all of our big updates, we closely monitor initial customer feedback and we are already fine tuning it.

We love that our customers are so familiar with our product that they notice every change. We want to make your experience with Xero beautiful, so we’ll be addressing all the feedback we’ve received about our newest release. Meantime, please refer to our release notes for more information.

Watch this space as we fine tune more of the features. This new Contacts platform provides a powerful base for a raft of new features we have planned in 2016 and beyond.

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