What's the most important daily job for your business?



Ever get to the end of a busy day wondering what the heck you got done? Working so hard and getting nowhere just feels so darned frustrating.

 It doesn’t have to be.

Yes, running your business can be a demanding, exhausting and gruelling affair.

It can also be (and should be) a rewarding, worthwhile, valuable, meaningful and enjoyable part of your life, where you can see and feel progress towards the vision you have for your business.

Just like steering a dinghy in fast moving water, you can only steer the boat if the boat is going faster than the torrent – you can only steer your business if you work on improving your business.

Just going with the flow (however fast it is) results in danger and death! In business, just doing the urgent day-to-day jobs, and none of the important jobs, keeps you busy but doesn’t get you what you want.

In a nutshell

Do one important thing every day that takes you towards the business you’d be proud to own and run.

Size doesn’t matter…

Whether your business is small or large, there are lots of jobs need doing – cash flow, customer care, sales, marketing, wages, recruiting, doing what your customers have paid you for, getting customers to pay, paying suppliers.

The list of jobs is almost endless. And the flow of these jobs is like a river, it never stops.

It’s hardly surprising that you’re forced to put off the ‘important’ vision-focused jobs just to get all the urgent jobs done:

  • A call from a customer takes you away from training a colleague
  • Chasing cash takes you away from an important joint venture deal
  • A customer mix-up stops you planning your new product launch But if all you ever do is the day-to-day work every day, all you’ll ever get is more of the same day-to-day work tomorrow. Why not get better?

Just like John Bytheway, best selling author and speaker, says: “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard”

Here’s a proven solution for your business… Get clear on what you want your business to look like or where you want your business to go. Then work out what one thing you must do every day so that you get there.

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