Managing labour costs - ergonomics

Managing Labour Costs - Ergonomics

Simple changes to the work environment can increase productivity and reduce waste.  Follow these top tips to make a start!


Eliminate clutter

A place for everything and everything in its place – staff will not have to waste time looking for anything.


Easy access

Can you rearrange work areas. The fewer steps that people have to take, the faster they can do the job. Create mini work stations where all necessary food, utensils and prep spaces are close at hand.



Break the kitchen activities into self-contained workstations where ingredients, tools, equipment and supplies are within easy reach. This will eliminate excessive bending, lifting and reaching. Its also important to remember your left-handed employees when setting up workstations.


Problem equipment

Check that there are no equipment problems that are affecting labor. Ensure knives are sharp, and train your staff how to use them.


Clever Storage

Increase productivity by having 3 types of storage: Active, back up and longterm.

  • Active storage is accessed repeatedly throughout the day and should be near the work station.
  • Back up is used to refill bulk items.
  • Long term should be out of reach and locked away.


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