How to find new customers

No one wants more of the bottom end, low value, problem customers which cost money rather than make it.

Winning new customers is considered a ‘front end’activity.  It’s the face of your business – the first time a customer deals with you.

Have you defined your ideal customer?

1. Develop USPs

What do your customers believe is different between you and other businesses.  USPs will help potential customers understand the added value you bring.

3 kinds of USPs;

a. Actual
b. Perceived
c. Created


2. Tap the power of the phone

One of the most under utilised resources -a frontline tool for increasing sales and profitability.

Why invest in generating new leads when you just might be turning them off when they call?

A phone performance and training system could help:

• Alleviate anxiety
• Ensure a consistent approach
• Improve conversion rates


3. Implementing a sales system

Aim to solve a problem or fill a need.  You are doing your customers a disservice if you fail to explain how purchasing from you will benefit them.

People buy from a business they trust. People buy people.


4. Use market research

Advertise the benefits not the features i.e. ‘What’s In It For Me’ instead of ‘What We Do’.  
Identify the markets within your market


5. Develop a promotions plan

Set up an annual promotion plan:

○ Description of the promotional tactics
○ Projected costs
○ Explanation of how it supports your
marketing objectives
○ Seasonal adjustments if business is

Monitor to find the most cost effective way.


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